We’ve Joined The Conscious Travel Foundation

This summer The Slow Cyclist joined The Conscious Travel Foundation, a fantastic community that promotes positive impact in the travel industry. Founder Oli Broom writes about why now is the time for meaningful change.

Slow travel, and the benefits that come with it, have always been integral to The Slow Cyclist’s ethos, but I know we can always do more to create responsible, sustainable experiences. The best way to achieve this is by collaborating with like-minded companies who all want to create amazing, responsible travel experiences, and that’s why I was so excited to join The Conscious Travel Foundation.

The foundation promotes positive impact for cultures, communities, wildlife and habitats, which has encouraged me to reflect on how we can improve in these areas. All of our journeys are designed to benefit local people; you’ll always stay in small guest houses over chain hotels, and we always work with local businesses, from traditional craftspeople to family-run wineries. And one of the many reasons I love travelling by bike is that it has a significantly lower carbon footprint than other modes of transport. But I want to do more, so in 2024 we’re undertaking a project to measure our carbon and see where we can improve.

I was really inspired when I visited the Blue Earth Summit in Bristol last month. Across the week, I listened to expert speakers and met amazing business owners who are determined to make a difference. I’m excited that over the coming weeks we are starting to measure our carbon footprint and to reflect on how we can improve as a business. It’s also important to me that we’re upfront and honest with you, our guests, so watch this space to see how we’re getting on. No greenwashing, no empty promises; now is the time for meaningful change and I’ll keep you updated on our journey.

Find out more about The Conscious Travel Foundation. You can also read more about our ethos and why we think slow travel is so important. 

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