The Slow Cyclist


Find a Slow Cyclist experience that suits you. Whichever journey you take, you'll indulge in food, history and landscapes along the way and take home lifelong memories.


From cycling the red roads of Rwanda to walking through the stone villages of Zagori, our Classic journeys are a chance to slow down and explore. That’s not to say we don’t pedal hard sometimes, just that we are often distracted by food, history and people along the way. Savour the journey and get under the skin of a place. 


These require a little more juice in the legs than our Classic journeys but you’ll still travel in comfort and be cared for by wonderful guides every step of the way. These are experiences for those who want a challenge; you’ll end the week with a true sense of adventure and accomplishment.


Each year we attend The Kardamyli Festival, a unique celebration of culture and literature held in early October overlooking the Messinian Gulf in Kardamyli on Greece’s Peloponnese. Throughout 2024 and beyond we will be adding to our events calendar. 


We have teamed up with some fantastic experts in their field, to guide Slow Cyclists through little-known areas. Whether you’re exploring the home of travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor, or spotting the birds of the Danube Delta, your guide will be delighted to share their wealth of knowledge. 


If you have an area in mind that you’d love to explore Slow Cyclist-style, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. In recent years, we’ve created journeys though Tanzania, Georgia, Italy, Czechia and the UK for curious travellers ready to explore from the saddle. 

Picnic and wine at a vineyard in the Basque country on a Slow Cyclist journey

Slow, sustainable travel; it's the future

Slow travel encourages deeper connections, friendship and lifelong memories. It is local and thoughtful and sensitive to its impact. It is an antidote to mindless mass tourism.

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