Our Ethos

Live for the present...

Making sure we do our best now, means that we consider the future. By making the most of today we can immerse our guests into the true wonder of the undiscovered, new experiences, connections and culture. We live for these moments and never forget that they should not cost the planet.

...respect the future.

Slow Travel has the power to change lives and be a force for Good

From Rwanda to Romania and across remote parts of Europe, by bike and on foot, we have met communities and characters that have changed our lives. By buying and staying local, we hope we have changed theirs too.

Our Values

We are guided by the things we care about as a company and as a group of individuals.

Passionately adventurous

We are passionate about creating exceptional shared experiences. It’s what we spend our days doing. We love sharing the amazing places we find with you, our guests, in a way that enriches everyone.

Individual quality

We positively impact the people and communities whose lives we touch. The Slow Cyclist was born as an antidote to the mindless, mass-market travel ‘sector.’ All our stakeholders, from UK employees to local wine producers, must feel our influence is beneficial.

Future focussed

We travel with a light footprint but we want to do more as a generation that begins to restore the planet.
Guest Feedback
A group of Slow Cyclists at Lake Kivu, Rwanda