Oli Broom: The Cycling Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Lionel Birnie for The Cycling Podcast, a fantastic podcast he founded along with fellow journalists Richard Moore and Daniel Friebe in 2013. Since its inception, it has tended to focus on the world of professional cycling and it has become one of the leading independent sports podcasts in the UK.

The creators recently decided to broaden its appeal, and so launched a series of shows with nothing to do with professional racing. Australia is the subject of Episode 2, and first up it’s Rupert Guinness, an Australian cycling journalist who has been covering professional racing since 1987, and who in 2017 signed up for the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, an epic 3,000 mile route from Perth to Sydney. Tragedy struck that year, when fellow competitor and celebrated endurance athlete Mike Hall was killed by an oncoming car. Rupert’s interview is compelling and moving.

My interview comes in the second half of the podcast, and covers a 2009-10 bicycle journey I made from London to Brisbane to watch the 2010 Ashes cricket series. It took me 412 days and led me, eventually, to where I am now – at the helm of The Slow Cyclist, running cycling holidays in Europe and Africa.

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