Cycling in Transylvania: Star Tribune

Journalist, Slow Cyclist – and friend from across the pond – Elizabeth Foy Larsen came cycling in Transylvania with us in 2019. Four years later, she still finds herself thinking about this magical part of Europe. Here is an excerpt from her article in Minnesota’s Star Tribune, published in October 2023. 

“These towns are the land that time forgot. Hay is hauled in horse-driven carts and homes stand close together along dirt roads, like brightly frosted gingerbread houses. There are storks nesting on chimneys and UNESCO-designated fortified churches. Beech forests harbor bears, and gentle high pastures shine gold in the evening sun.”

You can read the full article on the Star Tribune website.

If you’d like to come cycling and walking in Transylvania with us to explore charming villages, ancient forests and wildflower meadows, enquire here or contact our team on +44 (0) 1865 410 356.

A man with a horse and cart in Translyvania, Romania

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